Pizza Piadina

Pizza Piadina

Piadina Romagnola a classic flatbread that comes from Emilia Romagna and originated back to Byzantine period. Traditionally is made of terracotta plate and It can be used as a fantastic pizza, as a wrap or a great sandwich.


  1. - 1 pack of Piadina (3 piadinas in each pack so you can make 3 different pizzas!)
  2. - 1 bottle of tomato sauce
  3. - 1 buffalo mozzarella 125g (You will need one for each Piadina pizza but you can use other cheese)
  4. - Basil or Oregano

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  1. - Place the white side of the piadina down on a frying pan and toast it for 20 seconds.
  2. - After spread the tomato sauce, one ball of buffalo mozzarella and oregano or basil.
  3. - Cover with a lid and leave for maximum 5 minutes
  4. - (If you use a pizza pan and do it in the oven you do not need to toast the piadina)
  5. - Also make sure that you drained very well the mozzarella before spreading it on top of the piadina.