Gilda is a very classic Spanish tapas that you will find it on most of Spanish bars.


  1. - 1 jar of Pickled Guindilla Chillies
  2. - 1 tin of anchovies
  3. - 1 jar of Gordal olives
  4. - Extra virgin olive oil
  5. - Wooden Sticks

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  1. - Chopped the Pickled Guindilla Chillie into 2 pieces
  2. - Stuffed each Gordal olive with one anchovie
  3. - On a wooden stick first put half of the guidilla, then the cordal olive and then the other half of the Guidilla.
  4. - Serve on a plate with a little bit of olive oil. Enjoy it with a glass of cava or vermouth. Absolutely amazing!