Torta Del Casar
Torta Del Casar

£16.00 per cheese

  • Made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk
  • Soft cheese with creamy texture and delicate peach-coloured rind washed and oil-rubbed
  • Salty and slightly bitter, with a sweet-and-sour taste
  • Maturation period: 2 months - 400g

Torta De Casar is made in the region of Extremadura on the Los Casareños farm. It is produced using cardoon flowers, which give it a strong and spicy aroma. It is best enjoyed at room temperature or baked for a few minutes for dipping.

This cheese has been awarded a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards.

Milk: Sheep Organic: Non-Organic Pasteurisation: Raw-Milk Style: Washed