Lligat d'Ovella
Lligat d'Ovella
  • Made from unpasteurised sheep's milk
  • Semi-hard yet creamy texture with washed rind
  • Tangy, complex, milky, rich flavour with nutty notes
  • Maturation period: 2-3 months 

Lligat de Ovella comes from El Palau d'Anglesola, a small village in Catalonia. Robert Camps, our artisan producer, makes each cheese by hand using a knotted cloth instead of a mould which gives the cheese its unique shape.

Lligat de Ovella has received a silver medal at The World Cheese Awards.

Milk: Sheep Organic: Non-Organic Pasteurisation: Raw-Milk Style: Washed Whole-to-portions: 6