It is recommended that all cheeses are kept refrigerated. Placing cheeses in a sealed container in the fridge has the advantage of preventing them from becoming contaminated by odours of other foods.

Allow up to two hours for cheeses to come to room temperature before consuming to enjoy their full flavour.

Cheese is likely to naturally develop mould over time. Try not to be discouraged by this, you can still consume and enjoy the cheese by simply trimming the mould off before serving.

When enjoying cheese from a platter, consider starting from the soft and creamier cheeses followed by the stronger, harder cheeses and ultimately the blue cheeses. The reverse order might result in the stronger flavours and textures overpowering the milder and subtler ones.

Return leftover cheeses to their storage containers wrapped, preferably, in wax paper instead of cling film. Cling film retains too much moisture which accelerates the creation of mould.