Our story


Montadito was created by two passionate people (Eva and Viktoria) in October 2013. Eva is from Barcelona, Spain and Viktoria is from Athens, Greece. Eva used to be an industrial designer and Victoria used to teach and do research in the Academia focusing on visual sociology. Food has always been our passion; as children we used to watch our mothers preparing Spanish and Greek delicacies, an experience that contributed to our passion for great quality and taste. 

When we decided to create this company, we had a common goal: to bring to the people flavors, aromas and textures that we tried and fall in love with them. We thought that people ‘need’ to experience the ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ terminology of what we call nowadays an artisan product. An artisan product is the one that is made in a traditional way using high-quality ingredients. Quality ingredients has been always for us the key factor for the selection of our products.

For that reason, we have started a company promoting and selling foods made by people who care about quality and animal welfare. Our journey started from Spain. We spend our days exploring the best of what Spanish cuisine provides, frequently travelling to remote places of Spain and supporting family businesses aiming to preserve the authenticity and uniqueness of Spanish culture and bringing their fabulous food findings all the way to United Kingdom. We are focusing not only to the final result of our products but to the process of making them - their roots in other words, their history and their impact to the culture that they belong to. Our vision and passion for what we do as well as our cultural heritage and business ethos have set a solid ground and strong relationships with producers that have made Montadito a well-respected company in the UK.

Nowadays we decided to expand our company and in a way our journey to Greece, France and Italy. We started bringing cheeses and products from those countries that people are not familiar with and explain to the people in UK the ‘why’, ‘who’ and ‘what’ are making those products so special. You can always come to our new shop that we open in Hampstead this year and taste those delicacies.  We can warranty that will be an unforgettable experience and bring you back memories of your childhood.

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