Montadito cheese boards

Cheeseboards are ideal for dinners, parties, picnics and anytime you're with friends. In fact, there's a Montadito cheeseboard for every occasion!


If the main dish of the meal you are serving is bold in terms of flavour we would recommend a selection of full-body cheeses. If your main dish is subtle and light, then a selection of cheeses with lighter flavours may be preferable.


We would recommend you aim to build your cheeseboard with cheeses that offer a variety of textures and a combination of soft, hard and blue cheeses to accommodate all palates.

Get the right quantity

You should get the right quantity of cheese for each occasion. This means that your guests can enjoy a variety and wealth of flavours without being overwhelmed. It also means that you can offer a fresh and potentially different batch of cheeses on the next occasion!

For the average adult, we recommend 80-100g of cheese. For a lovely cheese platter at the end of a 6-person meal, 480-600g of cheese in total is thus usually sufficient. This is equivalent to 3-4 different cheeses.

Accompaniments for cheeseboards

We recommend complementing your cheeseboard with crackers and jams as these will enhance the overall experience and allow for extra variety. Please take a look at our range of cheeseboard accompaniments here. Depending on the occasion, complementing your cheeseboard with wine or port can also add to the experience.