£8.50 per cheese

  • Made from pasteurised cow's milk
  • Very creamy texture, milky almost yoghurt flavour with waxed rind
  • Floral aromas on the crust, flavours of fruit ripening wrapped in hay and soft toffee and walnuts
  • Maturation period: 3 months

Mimosa is made by the Cortes de Muar farm at Silleda in Galicia.  Rita and German, second-generation farmers, make handmade cheeses in limited production using milk from their freely grazing cows in the meadows of the farm. It is a mild cheese that it can be enjoyed alone, or as part of a platter or creamy recipes like fondue.

This cheese has been awarded a gold medal at the World Cheese 


Milk: Cow Organic: Non-Organic Pasteurisation: Pasteurised Style: Semi-Hard