Graviera D.O.P.


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  • Made from pasteurised sheep's milk
  • Hard texture
  • Deep nutty notes, intense rich flavour
  • Maturation period: 12 months


Cretan aged graviera is a PDO Cretan cheese made from sheep milk, based on a traditional recipe and it is one of the most awarded in Crete. The taste is sweet and buttery with an excellent texture.
Manousos Tsitsiridis, from Sfakia, Crete took over the family cheese business in the village Askifou, Sfakia. With the same old family recipe, he makes daily from November through July a total of 60 tons of cheese a year, exclusively with local milk. Graviera is a great cheese paired with a glass of white wine or with a shot of tsikoudia    traditional strong spirit from Crete.