Roquefort d'Artisan Berger AOC


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The Roquefort d'Artisan Berger is one of the last hand-made Roquefort cheese in France, where the exceptional quality of Lacaune ewes’ milk is transformed into a complex and powerful cheese. The penicillium roqueforti is added to the milk before curdling, and the curds are cut and moulded by hand. The fresh cheese is left to drain for 3 days during which is turned 3 times a day, and then it is sent to the cellar to mature on oak shelves. The contact of the air with the holes throughout the cheese allows the penicillium to develop the blue green mould. It has no rind and a crumbly, moist and buttery texture with blue green veins throughout. Its full, sharp and long-lasting flavours make it an outstanding cheese worthy of being called the “cheese of kings and popes”!